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Frequently asked questions for PrivacyWeek 2021 chat.

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How can I participate in the PrivacyWeek chat?

You can join the chat directly on the PrivacyWeek streaming site. There you can talk to other participants about PrivacyWeek.

Please note that the chat room is public and that everyone in the chat room can read and save your messages. The chat is not encrypted.

When joining the chat, you confirm that you read and agree to the Privacy Policy and chat rules

When joining the chat you can't see previous messages. When you close the chat, you won't be able to retrieve the history again. If you want to be able to read and keep the history, you need to join via your own client or keep the streaming site tab open permanently.

In addition to joining via the streaming site, there are two other options or joining the chat.

  • via a Matrix client
  • via an IRC client


If you already have a Matrix account, you can join our public chat via your preferred matrix client.

  • In your matrix client choose „Add room“ and then „Explore public rooms“
  • Select that you want to see rooms from „“
  • Search for the room „“
  • Join the room

An overview of different matrix clients can be found on

If you don't have a matrix account yet, you can create one for free e.g. at (or on any other matrix instance). is hosted by people associated with C3W. The advantage of using this instance is if the instance has performance issues, this won't affect you directly.


If you already use IRC, you can join the chat via your preferred IRC client.

Connection details

You can connect via IRC with the following connection details:

  • server:
  • port: 6697
  • channel: #privacyweek21

You can find an overview of different clients in the overview by Libera.Chat.

More explanations and tips for connecting is provided by Libera.Chat.

You can also join via the Libera.Chat web client.

Browser support for our chat

Our chat was tested with the following browsers. Other browsers might have issues with displaying the chat correctly.

- Chrome
- Chrome Mobile (Android)
- Firefox
- IE11
- Safari 9+

Javascript needs to be enabled.


Unfortunately, we noticed that the chat on our page has some major problems with screenreader and keyboard accessibility which we were not able to fix in time. If you use a screenreader or keyboard, we would recommend you join via Matrix or using an IRC client of your choice. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Go to the overview of wiki articles for PrivacyWeek (mostly in german).

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